Dri­ve wheel for BT LWE and others, 230x70mm


Sui­ta­ble for BT draw­bar devices from the LWE series and others

Dimen­si­ons: 230x70mm

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Dri­ve wheel for BT LWE

The dri­ve wheel 230x70mm is sui­ta­ble for draw­bar devices BT of the LWE series and others.

It is a dri­ve wheel made of PT-NDI material.

Dri­ve wheel for BT LWE: What you need to know

If you own a BT series LWE til­ler or are plan­ning to buy one, you should find out about the dri­ve wheel. The dri­ve wheel is an important com­po­nent of the device that is respon­si­ble for move­ment and speed. Here you can find out ever­y­thing you need to know about the dri­ve wheel for BT LWE.

What is the dri­ve wheel for BT LWE?

The dri­ve wheel is a wheel moun­ted on the front of the til­ler. It is dri­ven by an elec­tric motor and enables the device to move for­wards and back­wards. The dri­ve wheel has a dia­me­ter of 230 mm and a width of 70 mm. It is made of PT-NDI mate­ri­al, which offers high abra­si­on resis­tance and good grip on various flo­or coverings.

Why is the dri­ve wheel important for BT LWE?

The dri­ve wheel is important becau­se it affects the per­for­mance and safe­ty of the til­ler. A good dri­ve wheel ensu­res that the device moves smooth­ly and pre­cis­e­ly wit­hout slip­ping or blo­cking. A poor dri­ve wheel, on the other hand, can lead to pro­blems such as wear, noi­se or acci­dents. It is the­r­e­fo­re important to check and main­tain the dri­ve wheel regularly.

How can I main­tain the dri­ve wheel for BT LWE?

To main­tain the dri­ve wheel, you should fol­low the steps below:

  • Clean the dri­ve wheel regu­lar­ly to remo­ve dirt, dust or for­eign objects that could impair the ride.
  • Check the tyre pres­su­re and ensu­re that it cor­re­sponds to the recom­men­ded value.
  • Check the con­di­ti­on of the tyre and replace it with a new one if necessary.
  • Check the fas­tening of the dri­ve wheel and tigh­ten the screws if necessary.
  • Check the func­tion of the elec­tric motor and have it repai­red by a spe­cia­list if necessary.
Whe­re can I buy the dri­ve wheel for BT LWE?

If you need a new or repla­ce­ment dri­ve wheel for BT LWE, you can buy it online or in a spe­cia­li­sed shop. The­re are various sup­pli­ers who offer the dri­ve wheel for BT LWE, but not all of them are the same. The­r­e­fo­re, pay atten­ti­on to the fol­lo­wing criteria:

  • qua­li­tyThe dri­ve wheel should be made of high-qua­li­ty mate­ri­al and have a long ser­vice life.
  • Pri­ceThe dri­ve wheel should offer good value for money and not be too expensive.
  • Ser­viceThe pro­vi­der should offer good cus­to­mer ser­vice and gua­ran­tee fast delivery.

The dri­ve wheel for BT LWE is an essen­ti­al part of the til­ler, respon­si­ble for its per­for­mance and safe­ty. To get the best out of your til­ler, you should take good care of the dri­ve wheel and replace it when neces­sa­ry. If you want to buy a new or repla­ce­ment dri­ve wheel, you should con­sult a Choo­se a trust­wor­t­hy pro­vi­der that offers you qua­li­ty, pri­ce and ser­vice.

Advan­ta­ges of Vulkollan®

Vul­kol­lan® is a high-qua­li­ty Poly­ure­tha­ne pla­s­ticwhich is used in many indus­tri­al sec­tors. Vul­kol­lan is cha­rac­te­ri­sed by its high mecha­ni­cal strength, wear resis­tance, abra­si­on resis­tance and ela­s­ti­ci­ty. Vul­kol­lan can be used both as a solid mate­ri­al and as a coa­ting for metal or pla­s­tic parts. Vul­kol­lan® has a num­ber of advan­ta­ges over other pla­s­tics, which we would like to explain in more detail in this blog post.

  • Vul­kol­lan® has a high load-bea­ring capa­ci­ty and can absorb lar­ge forces wit­hout brea­king or deforming. This makes Vul­kol­lan® ide­al for appli­ca­ti­ons that requi­re high dyna­mic loads, such as wheels, rol­lers, springs or dampers.
  • Vul­kol­lan® has a high tem­pe­ra­tu­re resis­tance and can be used at both high and low tem­pe­ra­tures. Vul­kol­lan® reta­ins its pro­per­ties even at tem­pe­ra­tures from ‑30°C to +80°C and can even with­stand up to +120°C for short peri­ods. This makes Vul­kol­lan® sui­ta­ble for appli­ca­ti­ons that are expo­sed to tem­pe­ra­tu­re fluc­tua­tions, such as in the auto­mo­ti­ve, avia­ti­on or food industries.
  • Vul­kol­lan® has a high che­mi­cal resis­tance and is insen­si­ti­ve to many orga­nic and inor­ga­nic sol­vents, oils, fats, acids and alkalis.
  • Vul­kol­lan® can the­r­e­fo­re be used in envi­ron­ments that requi­re a high level of puri­ty or hygie­ne, such as in the medi­cal, phar­maceu­ti­cal or cos­me­tics industries.
  • Vul­kol­lan® is high­ly resistant to age­ing and does not lose its pro­per­ties when expo­sed to UV light, ozone or oxy­gen. Vul­kol­lan® the­r­e­fo­re has a long ser­vice life and can also be used out­doors wit­hout yel­lo­wing or beco­ming brittle.
  • Vul­kol­lan® has a high dam­ping capa­ci­ty and can redu­ce vibra­ti­ons and noi­se. Vul­kol­lan® can the­r­e­fo­re increase the com­fort and safe­ty of machi­nes and vehic­les by absor­bing shocks and vibrations.

As you can see, Vul­kol­lan® has many advan­ta­ges over other pla­s­tics and can be used in many indus­tri­al sec­tors. If you would like to find out more about Vul­kol­lan® or recei­ve per­so­na­li­sed advice for your appli­ca­ti­on, cont­act us with plea­su­re. We are an expe­ri­en­ced dis­tri­bu­tor of Vul­kol­lan® pro­ducts and offer you high-qua­li­ty solu­ti­ons for your requirements.

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Drive wheel for BT LWE
Dri­ve wheel for BT LWE and others, 230x70mm