Pfaff sil­ver blue dri­ve wheel


Dri­ve wheel Vul­ko­lan 230x70mm for Pfaff Sil­ber­blau pede­stri­an stacker.

Shaft dia­me­ter 121mm, 6 bolt holes

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Pfaff sil­ver blue dri­ve wheel

Dri­ve wheel Vul­kol­lan® 230x70mm for Pfaff Sil­ber­blau pede­stri­an stacker.

Shaft dia­me­ter 121mm, 6 bolt holes

The Dri­ve wheel Pfaff Sil­ber­blau is made of a high-qua­li­ty, wear-resistant mate­ri­al that offers a high load-bea­ring capa­ci­ty and good trac­tion. The dri­ve wheel has a shaft dia­me­ter of 121mm and 6 bolt holes, which make it easy to fit and remo­ve. The dri­ve wheel is sui­ta­ble for various models of Pfaff Sil­ber­blau pede­stri­an sta­ckers, which are used for trans­port­ing hea­vy loads in warehou­ses, work­shops or con­s­truc­tion sites. The Vul­kol­lan® 230x70mm dri­ve wheel for Pfaff Sil­ber­blau pede­stri­an sta­ckers is a relia­ble and dura­ble spa­re part that increa­ses the per­for­mance and safe­ty of your for­k­lift truck.

Vul­kol­lan® is a Poly­es­ter ure­tha­ne rub­berwhich is made from Des­mo­dur 15 (NDI), a poly­ure­tha­ne pla­s­tic. It has simi­lar ela­s­tic pro­per­ties to natu­ral rub­ber, but bet­ter che­mi­cal and mecha­ni­cal resis­tance. It is used for wheels, rol­lers, buf­fers, springs and dam­ping ele­ments, among other things.

Vul­kol­lan® has many advan­ta­ges over other elas­to­mers, such as

  • Out­stan­ding mecha­ni­cal pro­per­ties: High tear resis­tance and excel­lent tear pro­pa­ga­ti­on resis­tance, low com­pres­si­on set and abra­si­on losses.
  • High dyna­mic load capa­ci­ty: low ener­gy loss and low heat gene­ra­ti­on, high rebound resilience.
  • Uni­que­ly micro­cel­lu­lar: Com­bi­nes high volu­me com­pres­si­bi­li­ty with mini­mal trans­ver­se expansion.
  • Heat resistant: Per­ma­nent tem­pe­ra­tu­re resis­tance up to 80 °C, for short peri­ods up to 120 °C.
  • Media resistant: Good resis­tance to UV radia­ti­on, ozone, grea­ses and oils.

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Drive wheel Pfaff silver blue pedestrian stacker
Pfaff sil­ver blue dri­ve wheel