Fork rol­ler Still 85x100mm

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Fork rol­ler Still 85x100mm

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Fork rol­ler for Still

Sin­gle roll dia­me­ter: 85mm

Width tread: 100mm

Axle: 25mm

Mate­ri­al: Vulkollan

The fork rol­ler for Still with a dia­me­ter of 85 mm, a tread width of 100 mm and an axle of 25 mm is made of Vul­kol­lan. Vul­kol­lan is a ther­mo­pla­s­tic elas­to­mer cha­rac­te­ri­zed by its high wear resis­tance, abra­si­on resis­tance and che­mi­cal resis­tance. It is the­r­e­fo­re ide­al for use in harsh envi­ron­ments such as warehou­ses and pro­duc­tion facilities.

This fork rol­ler comes with a Ball bea­ring equip­ped, which enables an easy and quiet rol­ling move­ment. It has a load capa­ci­ty of 1000 kg and is the­r­e­fo­re sui­ta­ble for trans­port­ing hea­vy loads.

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Fork roller
Fork rol­ler Still 85x100mm 
Old pri­ce: New pri­ce: 36,00