Fork rol­ler Han­se­Lif­ter 82×65/67mm


Vul­kol­lan® fork rol­ler Han­se­Lif­ter 82x65mm

Sui­ta­ble for Han­se­Lif­ter brand pal­let trucks

Clam­ping length 67mm

Ball bea­ring bore 20mm


Fork rol­ler HanseLifter

The fork rol­ler is sui­ta­ble for Han­se­Lif­ter brand lift trucks. It is a Vul­kol­lan® fork rol­ler with the dimen­si­ons 82x65mm, clam­ping length 67mm, ball bea­ring bore 20mm

If you own a Han­se­Lif­ter pal­let truck, you know how important it is to keep the fork rol­lers in good con­di­ti­on. The fork rol­lers are the wheels that are moun­ted under the forks and car­ry the load. If the fork rol­lers are worn or dama­ged, this can impair the dri­ving cha­rac­te­ristics, redu­ce the load capa­ci­ty and jeo­par­di­se safety.

We the­r­e­fo­re recom­mend that you check the fork rol­lers regu­lar­ly and replace them if neces­sa­ry. And if you need new fork rol­lers, we have the right pro­duct for you: the Han­se­Lif­ter Vul­kol­lan® fork roller.

The Vul­kol­lan® fork rol­ler Han­se­Lif­ter is spe­ci­al­ly desi­gned for lift trucks of the Han­se­Lif­ter brand and offers you the fol­lo­wing advantages:

  • High qua­li­ty: The fork rol­ler is made of Vul­kol­lan®, a high-qua­li­ty pla­s­tic with high abra­si­on resis­tance, ela­s­ti­ci­ty and cushio­ning. This makes the fork rol­ler dura­ble, quiet and gent­le on the floor.
  • Simp­le instal­la­ti­on: The fork rol­ler mea­su­res 82x65mm, clam­ping length 67mm and ball bea­ring bore 20mm. The­se dimen­si­ons cor­re­spond exact­ly to the ori­gi­nal Han­se­Lif­ter fork rol­lers, so that you can sim­ply replace the fork rol­ler wit­hout having to make any addi­tio­nal adjustments.
  • Attrac­ti­ve pri­ce: the fork rol­ler cos­ts just €24.90 per item (plus VAT and ship­ping cos­ts). This is an unbeata­ble offer for a qua­li­ty pro­duct that gua­ran­tees opti­mum per­for­mance from your pal­let truck.

Vul­kol­lan is a high-per­for­mance pla­s­tic that con­sists of poly­ure­tha­ne and is used for deman­ding tech­ni­cal appli­ca­ti­ons. Vul­kol­lan was ori­gi­nal­ly deve­lo­ped by Bay­er AG and is now a regis­tered trade­mark of Cove­s­tro AG. Vul­kol­lan is cha­rac­te­ri­sed by its out­stan­ding mecha­ni­cal and dyna­mic pro­per­ties, which make it one of the hig­hest per­forming elas­to­mers on the market.

How is Vul­kol­lan produced?

Vul­kol­lan is pro­du­ced by a che­mi­cal reac­tion bet­ween poly­es­ter poly­ols, naph­thy­le­ne 1,5‑diisocyanate (NDI) and gly­cols, which act as chain exten­ders. The NDI is an important com­po­nent that is respon­si­ble for the high strength and hard­ness of Vul­kol­lan. The poly­es­ter poly­ol deter­mi­nes the ela­s­ti­ci­ty and fle­xi­bi­li­ty of the mate­ri­al. The gly­cols enable pre­cise adjus­t­ment of the desi­red final hardness.

Vul­kol­lan is available in two forms: solid and cel­lu­lar. Solid Vul­kol­lan is pro­du­ced by cas­ting or spray­ing in moulds and has a hard­ness of approx. 65 Shore A to 60 Shore D. It is main­ly used for wheels, rol­lers, discs, slee­ves and casings that have to with­stand high dyna­mic loads. Cel­lu­lar Vul­kol­lan is pro­du­ced by foa­ming in moulds or blocks and has a den­si­ty of approx. 300 to 850 kg/m3. It has a micro­cel­lu­lar struc­tu­re that com­bi­nes high volu­me com­pres­si­bi­li­ty with mini­mal trans­ver­se expan­si­on. It is main­ly used for dam­ping ele­ments such as buf­fers, springs and NVH com­pon­ents (noi­se, vibra­ti­on, harshness).

Vul­kol­lan offers a num­ber of advan­ta­ges over other pla­s­tics or elas­to­mers, such as

  • High tear resis­tance and excel­lent tear pro­pa­ga­ti­on resistance
  • Low com­pres­si­on set and abra­si­on losses
  • High dyna­mic load capa­ci­ty and rebound resilience
  • Low ener­gy loss and low heat generation
  • Heat resis­tance up to 80 °C, for a short time up to 120 °C
  • Good resis­tance to UV radia­ti­on, ozone, fats and oils

Vul­kol­lan is used in many indus­tries and are­as that place high demands on the per­for­mance and relia­bi­li­ty of the mate­ri­als used. Some examp­les are

  • Con­vey­or tech­no­lo­gyWheels and cas­tors for for­k­lift trucks, pal­let trucks, trans­port trol­leys, con­vey­or belts, etc.
  • Mecha­ni­cal engi­nee­ringDiscs, slee­ves, casings for pumps, val­ves, cou­plings, etc.
  • Vehic­le con­s­truc­tionWheels and cas­tors for rail vehic­les, agri­cul­tu­ral machi­nery, con­s­truc­tion machi­nery, etc.
  • MiningWheels and cas­tors for mining vehic­les, con­vey­or belts, etc.
  • SportsWheels and cas­tors for skate­boards, inline skates, rol­ler skates, etc.
  • Dam­ping tech­no­lo­gyBum­pers, springs, NVH com­pon­ents for vibra­ti­on iso­la­ti­on, shock absorp­ti­on, etc.

So if you want to replace your pal­let truck fork rol­lers, don’t hesi­ta­te and order the Vul­kol­lan® Fork rol­ler Han­se­Lif­ter. You will feel the difference!

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Fork roller HanseLifter 82x65/67mm
Fork rol­ler Han­se­Lif­ter 82×65/67mm