Pal­let truck for trans­port­ing pallets

Move pal­lets easily

With pal­let trucks from the No. 1 cas­tor shop, you can move pal­le­ti­sed goods in the warehouse effi­ci­ent­ly and effort­less­ly. The manu­al pro­duct models offe­red here are excel­lent­ly sui­ted for trans­port­ing all con­ven­tio­nal Euro pal­lets. Find out more here, find the most sui­ta­ble model for you and order your pal­let truck at a reasonable price.

Hea­vy duty, effi­ci­ent and reliable

Lift trucks, like pede­stri­an sta­ckers or high lift trucks, are an enorm­ous reli­ef in the warehouse. They pro­vi­de sup­port during the effi­ci­ent move­ment of goods and offer good mano­euvra­bi­li­ty, even in nar­row ais­les. With a varied and lar­ge sel­ec­tion, pro­ducts from the No. 1 rol­ler shop enjoy gre­at popu­la­ri­ty in manu­fac­tu­ring, warehousing, retail and in the pri­va­te sec­tor. Load capa­ci­ties vary depen­ding on the model. Nevert­hel­ess, the Rol­len­shop No. 1 offers a very wide port­fo­lio of spe­cial sizes.


The pal­let is lifted by moving the til­ler up and down. A hand lever on the til­ler is used to lower the pal­let again in a con­trol­led man­ner. The load capa­ci­ty varies depen­ding on the model.

Spe­cial dimen­si­ons and features

For every requi­re­ment we offer the rela­ted model. It can be moved both for­wards and back­wards. Pal­let trucks from the No. 1 rol­ler shop are also per­fect for trans­port­ing extra-wide pal­le­ti­sed goods. You can find more models with spe­cial dimen­si­ons or fea­tures here on the page.

Rol­ler equipment

Dif­fe­rent con­di­ti­ons requi­re dif­fe­rent rol­lers. Rub­ber cas­tors are quiet and offer excel­lent grip. They are best sui­ted for uneven flo­ors and use on truck loa­ding board walls. Nylon cas­tors are fric­tion­less always from new times and have a hard and abra­si­on-resistant tread. They are less noi­sy, but wear resistant. This type of cas­tor equip­ment is sui­ta­ble for hea­vy loads or slip­pery sur­faces. The smooth-run­ning poly­ure­tha­ne (PU) cas­tors are not only abra­si­on-resistant, but also have a low rol­ling resis­tance. Uneven sur­faces are easi­ly rol­led over and they are sui­ta­ble as a com­pro­mi­se bet­ween smooth run­ning and rol­ling resis­tance. The rol­lers feel most com­for­ta­ble on sen­si­ti­ve sur­faces or hard surfaces.

Lif­ting truck with sepa­ra­te dimensions

Every com­pa­ny has its spe­ci­fic dimen­si­ons, why not order a ter­mi­nal with sepa­ra­te dimen­si­ons as well? Cont­act our com­pe­tent staff today and dis­cuss your request in a per­so­nal mee­ting. Give us a call or send us an e‑mail. We look for­ward to your challenge!

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