Stee­ring wheels for indus­try and transportation

In Rol­len­shop No. 1 you can of cour­se also get poly­ure­tha­ne (PU) stee­ring wheels. PU stee­ring wheels are wheels that are sui­ta­ble for indus­try and trans­por­ta­ti­on and can turn in all direc­tions so that you can dri­ve anywhere.
Think careful­ly about whe­re you want to use the wheels. As with all other types of wheels and cas­tors, the lar­ger the wheels and cas­tors, the easier they are to move.

Buy stee­ring wheels in the Rol­len­shop No. 1
Do you need new bikes, but don’t know exact­ly which ones? Rol­len­shop No. 1 will be hap­py to help you! With us you get bikes in dif­fe­rent types and sizes, so you can always find the bikes you need. We have small to par­ti­cu­lar­ly hea­vy duty stee­ring wheels. Cont­act us if you are not sure or order your bikes direct­ly online!

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