Dri­ve wheels

Types, com­po­si­ti­on and appli­ca­ti­on of dri­ve wheels

Types dri­ve wheels

Dri­ve wheels are used for the inde­pen­dent move­ment of whee­led vehic­les. The­se wheels are used in for­k­lift trucks or other indus­tri­al trucks. They trans­fer the power of the motor to the ground sur­face and the vehic­le is set in moti­on. Depen­ding on the vehic­le design, it is pos­si­ble to distin­gu­ish between

  • front-wheel dri­ve,
  • rear-wheel dri­ve or
  • all-wheel dri­ve wheels

can be distinguished.

Wheel body and tread

Dri­ve wheels usual­ly con­sist of a wheel body and a tread or tyre.

Wheel body

The wheel bodies of the wheels are made of robust grey cast iron.


The tread or tyres of the dri­ve wheels and flan­ged wheels are usual­ly made of rub­ber or poly­ure­tha­ne. As a result, the wheels are very gent­le on the ground and have a low rol­ling resis­tance and quiet run­ning. Depen­ding on the wheel series, the tread is firm­ly atta­ched to the wheel body.

  • infu­sed,
  • pres­sed on,
  • vul­ca­nis­ed on or
  • moun­ted on sheet steel rims.


Dri­ve wheels are used in inter­nal trans­port sys­tems. Dri­ve wheels are used indi­rect­ly for trans­port and dri­ve a wide varie­ty of equip­ment and sys­tems. Depen­ding on their design, the wheels also act as gui­de wheels. The­se wheels are particularly

  • robust,
  • han­dy and
  • abra­si­on resistant

desi­gned so that they also ensu­re the desi­red power and gui­dance trans­mis­si­on. The­se wheels are desi­gned for smooth con­ti­nuous ope­ra­ti­on and long dura­bi­li­ty. Thus, the wheels can be used in a wide varie­ty of plants safe­ly and, abo­ve all, in the long term. Dri­ve wheels from the No. 1 cas­tor shop can also be used in the hea­vy-duty segment.

Dri­ve wheels in the No. 1 rol­ler shop

Rol­len­shop No. 1 offers a wide ran­ge of dri­ve wheels in its deli­very program.

Here in the No. 1 rol­ler shop you will find dri­ve wheels for

  • Elec­tric pal­let truck,
  • Pede­stri­an stacker,
  • Low lift trucks and
  • Reach truck

the pro­du­cer

  • Jung­hein­rich,
  • STILL,
  • Lin­den and
  • BT

in a lar­ge sel­ec­tion. If you are miss­ing a wheel or can’t find it, just cont­act us. We will be hap­py to help you. You can fil­ter out the right bike using the fil­ter option.

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