Solid rubber wheels

Solid rubber wheels are used indoors and outdoors in many different types of equipment. For example, on transport devices in intralogistics, on machines, in conveyor technology or on garbage containers.
The solid rubber wheels offer maximum resilience, whether during table or panel vans or when transporting other general cargo. The tires are available in various types and weight classes and, on top of that, offer a particularly low-noise run, are gentle on the floor, shockproof and dampen vibrations to a minimum.

Solid rubber bikes from the Rollenshop No. 1 are universally applicable, vibration-damping, exceptionally gentle on the floor and unchangeable against many aggressive media.

Solid rubber wheels ensure great driving comfort

Solid rubber wheels are used continuously in the transport sector when a pragmatic to medium load occurs and when particularly high driving comfort is important. Regardless of whether during transport carts or transport carts, in the course of running gear or transport platforms – solid rubber wheels are a good choice in the course of suitable environmental and operating conditions, since they ensure an extraordinarily uniform and noise-reduced run.


The applicability for transportation depends on many factors. An important point is the load-bearing capacity and thus the load-bearing capacity of each divided wheel. It is not just the material of the actual wheel that plays an essential role here, instead of the rim and the bearing as well. Rims can be made from different types of materials, for example from sheet metal, aluminum, solid rubber or plastic. Furthermore, you can distribute the load within a variable arrangement of the different types of wheels in such a way that a particularly effective use is conceivable.

Solid rubber as a material for bicycles brings some benefits. When it comes to the environmental conditions in your transport area, it is essential to pay attention to the chance of use to prevent damage. With a temperature resistance in addition to -20 and + 60 ° C and a resistance to light acids, solid rubber wheels are largely compatible for most of the conventionally occurring transport events and can be used without risk. The well-founded design ensures a particularly long service life, minimized abrasion and, in addition, convinces with its low purchase and maintenance costs.

Smooth running
Solid rubber wheels promise immense smoothness. Straight wheels with solid rubber tires guarantee an elastic and therefore effortlessly cushioning smooth running behavior of the transport device. In addition, there is always a very smooth running, which is achieved by the solid rubber wheels. The wheels are likely to be used on almost any surface. Nevertheless, they are okay for tiles, PVC, screed, asphalt or parquet floors. Depending on the wheel diameter, you can also overcome minor obstacles with the wheels.

Affiliated warehouse
It is of added value if the wheels are fitted with ball bearings. This favors the positive characteristics that the solid rubber wheels bring. Ball-bearing wheels are extremely quiet and run extremely comfortably. They are particularly robust and hardly require any maintenance. The long service life, just as during high loads, is promoted by the decision of a stainless variation.

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