Dri­ve bandages

Fre­quent­ly repla­ced wear parts such as dri­ve belts for for­k­lift brands Lin­de, Toyo­ta, Jung­hein­rich, Wals­ted, Stöck­lin and Still are deli­ver­ed from stock by the No. 1 rol­ler shop within 24 hours!

Dri­ve drums from the #1 reel shop are the best choice when dri­ving hard at low speeds with a high risk of dama­ge and inju­ry to the drum.

The­se drums are extre­me­ly sta­ble, cut-resistant and also vir­tual­ly main­ten­an­ce-free. The dri­ve drums from the No. 1 rol­ler shop can car­ry hea­vy loads and work eco­no­mic­al­ly effi­ci­ent. They are ide­al for for­k­lift trucks. They are also gre­at for air­port ground appli­ca­ti­ons, hea­vy duty trans­port, sidel­oa­ders and other indus­tri­al vehicles.

Espe­ci­al­ly on air and sea ports, in logi­stic cen­ters and other indus­tri­al appli­ca­ti­ons the­se drums are in use. Pro­duc­tion and indus­tri­al sites whe­re cle­an­li­ne­ss is very important, such as in the pro­duc­tion of food, or phar­maceu­ti­cals, bene­fit from the­se dri­ve drums.

The­se ban­da­ges are also very sta­ble, cut resistant and have a long ser­vice life.

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