Rol­len­shop Nr. 1 — Wheels & Cas­tors: Fork rol­lers, dri­ve wheels, solid rub­ber wheels and drums

Rollshop No. 1
Roll shop no. 1 by Herr­mann Industrieservice

An exem­pla­ry sel­ec­tion of our pro­ducts! The No. 1 reel shop cer­tain­ly has some­thing for your needs!

Roll­shop No. 1 offers a wide ran­ge of wheels and cas­tors, for exam­p­le Fork rol­lers, Dri­ve wheels, Solid rub­ber wheels and Ban­da­ges. Upon request, we will imme­dia­te­ly put tog­e­ther a cus­tom quo­te for you. Visit the Roll­shop No. 1 regu­lar­ly and bene­fit from Spe­cial offers, Actions, uni­que pro­ducts and Spe­cial item. The pro­ducts of the Roll­shop No. 1 are com­pa­ti­ble with brands such as Jung­hein­rich. Our wheels and cas­tors are made of various high-qua­li­ty mate­ri­als, such as ure­tha­ne, Vul­kol­lan, poly­ami­de or rub­ber and are sui­ta­ble for almost any application.

Roll­shop No. 1 is a trade­mark of the com­pa­ny Herr­mann Indus­tri­al Ser­vice, a com­pa­ny from Bux­te­hu­de near Ham­burg, which has a lot of expe­ri­ence, plea­su­re and suc­cess in the world­wi­de sale of cas­tors and wheels sin­ce 1884. We are hap­py to help you find a sui­ta­ble pro­duct for you and to respond to your wis­hes and ide­as. Expe­ri­en­ced cus­to­mer ser­vice is very important to us. Com­pe­tent and fri­end­ly employees are loo­king for­ward to give you pro­fes­sio­nal advice and help you. Whe­ther par­cel or pal­let — we deli­ver by DHL, Her­mes or for­war­ding agen­cy within 24 hours!

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